Why Title Insurance?
Why Title Insurance?
Buying a home can be the wisest and most rewarding investment you will ever make. Title insurance plays a major role in making certain home ownership is safe and secure. Title insurance protects you against a number of title defects that could jeopardize your interest in the property you have just purchased, such as unsatisfied mortgages, unpaid taxes, judgments or other record claims against the property. Claims could arise through easements, use restrictions or other existing covenants, or there could be hidden title defects. To name only a few of these:

Fraud or forgery in previous documents
Improperly executed deeds.
Improperly filed liens and mortgages.
Undisclosed heirs or others having a claim to the title

Owner’s title insurance eliminates the risk of loss to you through claims against the title as the insured in your policy. The underwriter assumes all legal expenses involved in adjudicating claims and protecting you against any loss whatsoever arising from claims affecting your title, even though they may occur through errors made in the public record.

Title insurance is your policy of protection against foreseeable or unforeseeable claims against your home or property. Title insurance plays a major role in making certain home owners safe and secure.
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